The wedding of Justine & Simon

Organizing the wedding of Justine & Simon on the French Riviera was a true pleasure every step of the way, the dream of any wedding planner.

Meeting these two exceptionally sweet and kind hearted individuals has left a fond and forever long memory to all of us.

Justine is a vibrantly brilliant young French woman with a great sense of humor. Simon is the perfect example of the English Gentleman, discreet though very committed and totally devoted to the happiness of his fiancée.

Our lovely bride, particularly close to her family, wanted to actively involve her sister and mother in the preparations. This trio, added to the Aava Wedding girls, made Simon find himself somewhat lonely as the only masculin figure. Nevertheless, he handled it well and managed to make everyone feel comfortable – in the midst of all these laughing women discussing endlessly about beauty tips and wedding decorations.

Planning with the Nahum family felt like we were celebrating one of our own. We worked together in deep mutual trust and nothing – not even the worries related to the “covid” regulations – could have tarnished this beautiful atmosphere.

Despite a huge workload (planning took over a thousand hours), heavy and complexe logistics (staff of 70 on the D-day), a meticulous organization (4 days of set up and 2 days of festivities), not to mention the fussy weather, these days were undeniably magical.

The gratitude we could read in their eyes that day revealed once again the beauty of our job as wedding planners. And this is the reason why we do it with so much passion and dedication…

Photos by Cedric Klein