Our Philosophy

Our emphasis is on understanding who you are so that we can shape the event to reflect your personalities.
Confide your dreams, whims and secret desires in us and we will unite them in one perfect event.
Choosing a wedding planner is not a decision to be taken lightly, it’s a question of trust. Fundamentally, it is imperative that you feel at ease with a true professional that you trust will listen, advise and create.

Planning and coordinating a wedding requires plenty of different skills essential to create a unique experience.

Creativity and good taste to create your wedding design and promise ultimate sophistication,
Outstanding organizational capabilities to manage and monitor the specifics,
– Rigorous perfectionism to take care of the one thousand and one details,
– Assured availability to you, from mini-updates to the follow up after your big day
– A vast network of prestigious suppliers to provide the best value and highest quality,
– Ability to resolve any setbacks,
Budgetary expertise to manage payment schedules, French administrative details, and respect your specifications.
Management experts to organize large numbers of staff for the D Day

– Experience to solve the last minute and unexpected,

All these skills combined with the unrivalled experience and know-how of our team, will allow you to enjoy, not even the D Day, but also all the organizational process.