About us

Chloé Atlan – Wedding Planner

Well-known for her knowledge and expertise, Chloé Atlan, brings 20 years of experience to her co-founded company, Aava. As a distinguished events planner and an Award-winning Wedding Planner, Chloé is fluent in French and English. She specialises in organising luxury weddings, with the majority of her clients coming from the USA, UAE & UK. Having been brought up on the French Riviera, she holds great affection for her region and is well acquainted with all it has to offer.

Chloé graduated from university in Nice with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication. Following this, she interned for a well-renowned events company, based in Monaco, going on to be the company’s youngest Marketing Director. In 2002, she decided to start her own company with her mother Carole Sebban, co-founding the very first wedding planning company in France.

The co-founding of the company in 2002 coincided with the date of her own wedding, which while being a challenge, gave her a unique insight in to bridal expectations as well as the anxieties that naturally arise before the big day. Now, 20 years later and a mother of 3 children, Chloé is an expert in creating beautiful celebrations that reflect the individuals’ involved, where no detail is too small, and no task too big. The overarching theme of each event she creates is elegance, sophistication and exclusivity.

Solicitous over the necessity to pass down her knowledge to the new generation, she was also teaching in French University, ( Bachelor degree in Events management). She also created the “Aava Wedding Masterclass” and trained more than a hundred future wedding planners. She has been too selected as an Industry expert and a jury member to the famous international wedding planning conferences and is the Award-Winning Wedding Planner! Indeed, she won in Dubai in March 2019 the prestigious DWP Award, “honouring Excellence in the Luxury wedding Industry”, title which is retained till now.




Sarah Viglino – Project Manager

During her communication studies, Sarah did an internship at the agency, which allowed her to discover the world of luxury weddings and confirmed her passion for this profession.

Wishing to deepen her skills in Luxury Management, she completed her initial university education with a Master’s degree.

After graduation, she started her own business in order to discover all aspects of the event communication world.

Thus, for 5 years, she worked with various clients and companies in France as well as abroad.

As a French Riviera lover, she decided to return to France in 2020 during the health crisis and go back to Aava Wedding for the summer season, which lead to a permanent position in 2021 as Chloe Atlan’s assistant.

Sarah has a keen sense of design and fashion, and she manages the agency’s communication with talent. Her sensitivity to aesthetics and focus on detail enable her to perfectly embody “French Elegance” with distinction, which is the symbol of Aava Wedding .