The wedding of Jess & Kyle

Living in the USA, Jess & Kyle wanted to have a “Destination Wedding” and considered different countries to offer their guests an enchanting holiday far away from their everyday routine.
When they visited Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, they immediately fell in love with the place and couldn’t envision having their wedding anywhere else! That is how they decided to get married on the Riviera in an elegant and romantic place, typically French!
It was a real pleasure for us to organise Jess & Kyle’s wedding. Both were so charming and trusting, and we were extremely proud to collaborate with them in the planning of such a wonderful wedding, and to see the wonder in their eyes at each stage of the project!
The wedding day was flawless: the bride and groom were radiant, the weather was beautiful, and the design exceeded everyone’s expectations. A thousand stars were shining in the Villa Ephrussi’ s atrium and in our newlyweds’ eyes, which was our greatest reward.

Photos by Sylvain Colandrea