Full Service Planning

Aava provides a complete range of services to cater for every step of the event:

– Venue selection
– Scenography, design & decoration
– Caterer selection
– Global Budgeting & contract reviews
– Staffing
– Scheduling & logistics

With 15 years of experience, Aava is well equipped to help you select the perfect venue and partners to bring your wedding to life, with the best value and highest quality always taken into consideration.

Our aim is to coordinate your wedding with sensitivity and alacrity, to anticipate and efficiently resolve issues as they occur.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions and for a personalised quote.

N.B. We advise directly paying each service provider for the sake of transparency. You have an overview as well as total control of the budget in the interest of a privileged and confidential relationship.

Decoration & Event Design

Laly Rose is Aava’s dedicated and specialised brand for events decoration. Laly Rose is managed by Carole Sebban, co-founder of Aava. Please see the website for more details: