PHOTO-PREFEREEAAVA: Wedding Planner in the south of France (French Riviera)
Cannes, Antibes, Monaco (Monte-Carlo)

Founded in 2002 by Chloé Atlan and Carole Sebban, Aava was the first exclusively French wedding planner on the French Riviera (Cannes, Antibes, Monaco).

As the leading exclusive wedding planner in France for over 14 years, our knowledge and experience guarantee we can bring your dream wedding to life.
Highly recommended by the finest hotels and most luxurious venues on the French Riviera (south of France), we have high commendations from the best suppliers in the French Riviera and of course all of our newlyweds.
There is no doubt that we will create a beautiful and memorable event, tailored to your every detail. Whether from London, New York, Beyrouth or Dubaï, rest assured that as soon as you mention a wedding on the French Riviera, whether in Cannes or Monaco, Aava will be recommended as the best wedding planner in the south of France, the company to make your dream wedding a reality!