The Wedding of Yara & Bernard
Venue: Villa on the Cap d’Antibes

I first met Yara when she was living in New York, and immediately appreciated her elegance and charm. Her career in Finance led her to many different parts of the world and while she was able to appreciate the beauty of so many different countries, she was also refreshingly down to earth with strong family values and ties to her family in Lebanon. Yara and her parents shared the same vision of an understated but elegant and enchanting wedding. Yara showed an incredible eye for detail while also putting her guests’ pleasure as her highest priority, testament to her altruism and true hospitality. As Yara’s family owned a house on the Cap D’Antibes they felt it was the perfect venue for their wedding, having already made many fond memories there.

The affair began with a welcome dinner on a stunning private beach. The ceremony took place in the Antibes Cathedral, followed by the reception in a luxury villa and a brunch the morning after, which was hosted in their home.
The private villa hired for the wedding boasted a beautiful 15 hectares of gardens, with it’s own private coastline adjoining.
Despite the uneven ground, we were able to fulfil Yara’s vision of having a spectacular 400m² marquee, which was set up by over 50 staff in under 24 hours. The décor was a spectacle with the marquee having been custom made with a pleated fabric ceiling. We used around 2000 orchid flowers to decorate the walls and dozens of roses alongside crystal candelabras on every table. There were 30 musicians on stage and an exceptional caterer for the event.

While the wedding was a magical affair and a true actuality of Yara’s vision, the most beautiful element was the emotion and love that was felt throughout the entire event. There was true pleasure visible for the celebration and union of these two people. Following the wedding, I was invited by Yara’s father to have dinner with the family. I was incredibly moved at his gratitude to me and at his kind words, “Thank you Chloé, there are no words to tell you how I grateful I feel. We met you through the planning of Yara’s wedding, but now you belong to our family.” It’s my wish to thank Gilbert for his trust and kindness and to the wonderful newlyweds for sharing their beautiful day with us.

Photos by Studios Love Story