The Wedding of Carole & Stéphane
Venue: Chateau Diter – Grasse

Carole and Stéphane were after something a little unconventional, while still elegant and beautiful. Their venue choice was the magical Château Diter, which is positioned in the midst of green hills, trees and wonderful landscaped gardens. The view from the Château on to the olive groves, orchard and gardens was incredibly peaceful, and more characteristic of a Tuscan hillside, making for a refreshing change of scenery. Carole chose a “Shabby chic” theme with very detailed decor to compliment the Château Diter, which while unusual absolutely worked and was eye opening. The Houppa was outside under a beautifully placed gazebo provided by the Château, and was followed by a dinner buffet with a range of different cooking stations. Unlike the majority of weddings, there was no seating plan around the usual table setup, which added to the vintage style of their event.
Dancing under the stars, sharing their love and celebration with their nearest and dearest, in a world of casual and peaceful elegance, Carole & Stéphane had achieved their dream.